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Why Hire an Event Planner?

I am quick to assess needs and develop a rapport with clients. My clients and I have multiple conversations to assure detailed advance preparation with appropriate timeline flexibility. I am an attentive listener and, as our conversations progress, clients know they can trust me to help them plan and enjoy a memorable celebration. Equally important, I initiate budget discussions early in the planning process to keep expectations reasonable, offer creative options and budget for unanticipated costs.
Molly demonstrates excellence in professionalism, approaching challenges with the greatest respect, quick thinking to resolve problems, and is detail oriented to better troubleshoot issues as they arise.
DIY floral arrangements are a popular trend in weddings. Couples often feel they can "handle" DIY floral. Sometimes that’s true. However, it often becomes a bigger, more time consuming and expensive proposition resulting in 500 mason jars no one know what to do with! My floral package offers florals at a reasonable cost, incorporating the clients’ input on design and ordering - again ensuring no unpleasant surprises. Over-the-top floral arrangements usually result in over-the-top budget busters. And hands up for anyone who has ever attended an event where they never saw the person sitting across from them because the floral arrangement was enormous! What happens to that arrangement when the event is over?
My experience has shown that beautiful floral arranging does not have to be oversized and over budget. I work with clients to learn their floral preferences, budget and, as important, venue scale to be sure that the floral arrangements add the perfect touch. In some cases, for the budget and eco-friendly it is possible to repurpose decor - even florals. That’s why clients need me.

Floral Design Manager


Looking to save some money but also want beautiful flowers at your event? This package would be perfect for you! DIY floral arrangements can be a great way to cut your event expenses. Let me handle all your simple floral arrangements so you do not have to!

  • Pre-Event
    Design Consultation
    Vision Board
    Ordering flowers to be used in DIY
  • Week Of Event
    Setting aside desired inventory
    Cleaning décor
    Preparation for event day
  • Day Before Event
    Décor and detail set up
  • Pre-Event
    Design Consultation
    Vision Board
    Ordering flowers to be used in DIY
  • Week Of Event
    Setting aside desired inventory
    Cleaning décor
    Preparation for event day
  • Day Before Event
    Décor and detail set up
(florals not included)

Day of Event Manager Package


This package is the perfect solution for clients who have already planned the event, or plans to manage this themselves, but wants to really enjoy the day ahead and let someone else worry about the details and ensure it all flows according to your vision. I provide some areas of support prior to the wedding to help you ‘cut to the chase’ of getting what’s most important done and provide insight and recommendations across various aspects of planning and event management.

One Month Preceding Your Event

Review the recommended rental list provided by caterer/rental company – recommend alternative/options to save cost either by taking full advantage of the storage room supplies, or by other creative work around to what is on the list.

Provide a recommended table layout of the barn reception area based on your number of guests attending.

Two Weeks Preceding Your Event

Review your Itinerary, make any further recommendations that you can incorporate – end result will be a consolidated overall master Itinerary for you to provide to all your vendors.

Review and check the final rental list to ensure it meets needs of final guest count.

Provide a template for ceremony layout and processional/recessional – we will use this at the rehearsal walk through.

Discuss and finalize on any pre or post set up support services you may be needing and help to organize those services.

Week of Your Event

Final review of the timeline with you the day prior to the wedding.

Onsite rehearsal walk through coordination evening prior to the event - make recommendations on a nice flow for the processional and recessional.

Receipt of final payments and gratuities for distribution to vendors for day of event – please plan to provide labeled envelopes.

Finalize the transportation schedule with you. Be the point person for the shuttle service. Provide a bus schedule route for shuttling services – this can given to hotels, vacation homes, posted to your wedding website or even emailed to guests so they are aware of the transportation services available and the schedule.

Day of Your Event - Full wedding day coordination

Arrive 2 hours prior to 'guest arrival' to oversee vision/expectations for ceremony site, cocktail hour reception, main barn reception area, and outer grounds seating areas - identify discrepancies and oversee solution.

Oversee all vendor communication/management the day of event - distribution of final payments and gratuities.

Final walk through to be sure everything is exactly the way you want before you or your guests arrive.

Welcome guests pass out your programs, reserve seats for family and honored guests, be available to bridal party as they arrive, assist with corsages, bouquets and boutonnieres as needed.

Manage the processional - Cue the musicians and be there to send you and your bridal party down the aisle.

Manage the recessional and support the photographers in managing any wedding guest group photographs with the bridal party and family.

Escort guests to cocktail hour location while you take additional private photographs after the ceremony.

Continuous touch points with vendors ensuring itinerary is being followed, adjust where needed and provide support/guidance.

Finalize with vendors who will be cleaning up and touch base on what to do with your personal items (for you to pick up that night or the next day)

Premium Event Planner Package


This package is the best solution for clients who want to ensure that things lining up to the big day are proceeding as they would like AND have the support of a professional to help them stay on track! The Platinum Package includes everything in the ‘Day of Package “ - but also includes these additional services including on-site support for your entire wedding weekend.

From Booking to the Week Prior to Event Day

Ongoing checkpoint via conference calls to strategize on next steps needed and support to mitigate any issues.

Intercede on your behalf with vendors when necessary – Nobody likes to think that they will have trouble reaching their vendors, but if it does happen, we contact them directly and find a resolution to keep things on track and you comfortable.

Manage the creation of your itinerary and updates per our discussions – finalizing your vision and supplying this to all your vendors.

Consistent emails and texts are always welcome; use me as your guide throughout the journey.

Week of, or Evening Prior to Event Deay

Final review of the timeline in person on day prior to rehearsal walk through, review any last-minute needs and actions outstanding.

On-site rehearsal walk through coordination afternoon prior to the event - make recommendations on a nice flow for the processional and recessional.

Walk through site to make sure any checklist items are reviewed, and action owners identified. Will manage the actions list to completion on day of event.

Post Event

Breakdown service provided – all OHB decor items used will be put back into garage. Personal items will be consolidated and left in each room, ready for easy pick up by you the following day.

Gourmet S'mores Bar Package


S’mores bar, what’s that? Well let me just tell you this is not your typical “grab a stick, grab a marshmallow, and head to the bonfire.” No, that would be boring. This gourmet s’mores bar consists of:
  • Cookie Butter
  • Peanut Butter
  • Jam
  • Nutella
  • Caramel
  • Coconut
  • Pretzels
  • Dark Chocolate
  • White Chocolate
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Graham Crackers (individually portioned)
  • Marshmallows
  • Recipe Display "S’more Love" Banner
  • Roasting Sticks

I have found this to be a great end to a beautiful wedding day! While guests are preparing to leave, they can roast a marshmallow and make a delicious s’more while they say their goodbyes.

No need to stress or worry about the mess - leave that to me!

(included for 2 hours)

Services à la carte

Other ideas? Let’s discuss other ways I can help make your event special!